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Photo Masking

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A mask is a black and white image of the same dimensions as the original image. It can be an essential way to edit and tweak photographs by image editing software. Masking can be two types; Layer masking and Vector/Alpha Channel masking. Layer masking is pixel related, it allows to obscure layer content or its part. And vector mask is created from paths and can be re-sized without damaging pixel information’s. Following images shows sample of of photo masking




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Rater/Bitmap to Vector conversion

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Basically, raster file is a scanned file. You can’t use raster images properly for lack of higher quality. So it needs to convert to vector file. This service convert BMP, CALS, GIF, IMG, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG and TIFF format files into higher quality fully scalable  vectors file for use on banners, vehicle wraps, t-shirts, business cards, screen-printing, architectural lettering, signage, cut vinyl and CAD/routers. Following image shows sample of raster to vector conversion


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