Clipping path is popular technique for photo editing

Photo can talks, well edit photo can attracts viewer’s attention in buying decision process. That’s why popular store invest to edit well product photos. There are different types of technique to edit photo such as clipping path, color correction, retouching, shadow creating, ghost mannequin, and masking depend on type of photos.  Clipping path one of the popular photo editing support. Which mostly used in online store, web developers, theme makers, catalog designers and printing media.

What is clipping path?

It’s a closed vector path or shape used to cut out 2D image in photo editing software. In a broader sense, when we create shape around the specific area of an images to select or cut out using pen tools in Adobe Photoshop it is called clipping path.

What clipping path does?

Clipping path use to cut out specific area of an image. However anything inside the path will include after the clipping path is applied; anything outside the path will omit from the output. Clipping path also required to select specific area for retouching or color correction. Removing background and putting it on a white background another jobs of clipping path. Following demo image will help you to understand what clipping path actually does;




Why clipping path is best tools than the others selection methods in Photoshop?

In Photoshop there are different ways to select specific portion of an image. Pen Tools, Quick selection, Lasso Tools, Polygonal Lasso Tools, Magnetic Lasso Tools and Marquee Tools are popular tools in Photoshop. These selection tools used base on purpose of selection. Section using pen tools that means clipping path is better than the others if you remove background or delete something. Selection using clipping path can give you much better result than the others selection methods in Adobe Photoshop.


Type of clipping path

Technique of creating clipping path is same, many designer classified as basic/simple, compound, multiple and color clipping path. Purposes of all are same when path create separately of an image that called multiple clipping path. For example; lets an object show cricket ball, bat, and cricketer. If you create path-1 only for ball, path-2 for bat and path-3 for cricketer, accumulated paths called multiple path. Basic and compound clipping path differ on its complicity.


Follow to know details regarding clipping path option (Flatness, anti-aliased, feather, expand etc) in my next article