Images of your products make them seem more tangible and “real” to your visitors and are a powerful sales tool. It’s now most important part of every online store. Excellent outlook of a product image means inspiring customers buying specific product and vice versa. In Ecommerce People hardly buy anything without seeing it. So you need to work hard to make your product image come alive via excellent photography and graphics. Following techniques may apply for catching customer’s attention to buy more products:

White background: Keep background of your product image white. Most of popular online store like Amazon use white background of their product image.

Photo Retouch: It’s a technique to remove dust spots or blemishes, or to adjust or remove unwanted elements of the image, or add new elements to an image.

Product shadow: Shadow can make artificially by using Photoshop technology. Product shadow catches buyer’s attention. Keep original shadow or generate a new shadow which will look 100% natural. Shadow may different types;

  1. Drop shadow
  2. Original shadow
  3. Mirror shadow

Following image will show different type of shadow