special rate

Our service cost is quite simple. We give attractive discount to our regular customer. Our special offer depends on quantity and continuity of work.  Contact us and get your special rate. We offer;

Discount: We give promotional discount for every type of client (regular or new). It varies up to 10%-25%. Discounts are available for special day or event.

Bulk rate: Bulk rate only for bulk images. It may discount 10%-25% from our regular services cost, depend on work type.

Flat rate: This special rate for regular clients and for bulk images. Flat rate same for simple work and complex work.

Monthly payment: Regular buyer can get this package. Under this package we charge only a monthly amount for your whole month work.


Service type Quantity each day Total units in month Regular price per image (usd) Total amount (regular price) You have to pay under monthly payment Your saving
White background 20 20×30=600 $0.30 $180 $120 $60.00
Product shadow 25 25×30=750 $0.35 $262.5 $200 $62.5


  • Monthly payment negotiable, it depend on type of work
  • More images each day get lower payment
  • You can hire us for total images in a month

Buy one service get other services free: Let’s you hire us for clipping path, you can get white or new color background free for your product.