Payment policy

Our payment system is quite simple. We accept PayPal as well as others online payment. Click following button (see at footer) to pay us direct from your Paypal Account

  1. There is no set-up cost before starting business with us
  2. Monthly payment for regular client
  3. Clients need to provide us some information (Email, Phone, Website) so that we can communicate with them for our service cost.
  4. After completing task we will send an invoice to clients for requesting to pay us
  5. For huge images client need to pay 50% for half of work done (example: For 1000 images, we completed 500 images then we will send you an invoice for paying 500 images service cost)

Terms & condition for free trail service

Our free trial service for new clients who are wish to evaluate our service before starting business with us. New client can send us two trial images, its totally free. The conditions are;

  1. Free-trial are one time only for first time clients
  2. Quantity of free-trial are two images
  3. Client don’t need to pay for free trial
  4. Trail images will be returned to clients with a quote so that they will understand what we would have charged for these types of work
  5. Client must need to fill up free-trial form and the information we gather is secured and use for future communication
  6. We may use your free trial image for our portfolio. If not contact with us

Send us free-trial